Monday, April 09, 2012

Panoramic Experiences

It has been years since my last update here in my blog. Did not have a lot of time to do so. Even with my photography. But i do snap shots every time i get the chance. 

Here are some of my Panoramic Experiences for the past years. Hope you enjoy it.  :)


The Taal Volcano view from Tagaytay Highlands
taken last October 2011.

Tagaytay Country Club Panorama View

Tagaytay Country Club Panorama View
taken last October 2011.

Corregidor Island Lighthouse View

Corregidor Island Lighthouse 360 degrees View
taken March 2012

Baguio Country Club Swimming Pool

Baguio Country Club Swimming Pool
taken December 2011

Club Balai Isabel Sunset

Club Balai Isabel Sunset View
taken April 2012.

The view from the 5th floor hotel room

Hotel room View
Club Balai Isabel
taken April 2012.

Club House Pool

Club House Pool
Club Balai Isabel
taken April 2012

The Docks

The Docks
Club Balai Isabel
taken April 2012

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Featured @ Picture Perfect

This is definitely a new experience for me in the field of photography.
My first time to be featured in a newspaper. Today March 11, 2008 @ Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect. It's a great feeling.

Here are the pages:

Front Page
Picture Perfect Front Page

Page 2
Picture Perfect Page 2

Page 3
Picture Perfect Page 3

Page 4
Picture Perfect Page 4

I'll try to upload here the actual photos on my next post. :D

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Water Shots

Originally uploaded by Hocchuan
Have you ever wondered how this shots are taken? I have been checking out one of our Flickr Friends Drip/Drop Sets.

Check it out! You will be amazed with all his water shots, it came to the point that I wanted to just try out how it is done.

It is not as easy as you think it is. Taking these kinds of shot needs very long long patience from you and not to mention a lot of pure LUCK.

Water Shots

Try it out in your kitchen sink. Setup your Tripod and Camera. Aim where the water will drop and test out your luck. :P

Oh don't forget. Timing is one hell of a thing to do. hehe. I think I shot more than a hundred photos just to get a single photo right. :D


Good Luck! :D

Night Shot Photography

I have always been amazed with all the night shot photos that i have been seeing around the net. Everytime i see one i'm always in awe and always hoping that I get a chance to shoot and try it out.

Well i did get a chance to do it. Last year April 2006. I met up with my flickr friends in the afternoon at baywalk, and we stayed until the evening to try out some night shots.

Baywalk Strip Night View

The white balance settings of the camera gives different kinds of effects to the photo.


Haven't had the chance to do some night shots lately. I would love to able to try it out again. :)

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Encounter with the Stars!

Dream Sweetheart

One of the perks that a photographer gets whenever we shoot an event aside from food is seeing in person the people who you usually see only on TV.

Here is Nancy Castiglione with me at the Sensodyne Halo Halo Festival in Market Market. It was really nice seeing some stars at close range.

I covered the Sensodyne Event "Halo Halo Festival" in Market Market with my friend Dodie Legaspi. Thanks Dodie.

Nancy was very friendly. I don't need to say Beautiful and Gorgeous, it seems obvious hehe.

Encounter with the Stars

Here you will see Me with Bianca King and uhm. sorry I forgot the guys name. Anyone can help me out here? :) This was also shot during the Halo Halo Festival in Metro Market Market.


With me and my baby Mika here is Nina. We saw her buying some books at National Bookstore. Good thing I brought my camera with me during that time hehe.

Nina of Wazzup Wazzup

Nina of Wazzup Wazzup. She was interviewing some people during the Technoworld Exhibit at megamall. hehe.. Lucky me she had the time for a few snaps. :)

Me with Bobby Yan

Me with Bobby Yan at the opening of the New VMALL in Greenhills.

I hope there are more to come hehe. Wishing that I could get to meet more celebrities in the near future. Or probably even have the chance to get a pictorial photoshoot with them. :) Fun Fun Fun. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Things to do @ night

Things to do @ night
Originally uploaded by Hocchuan.
Paolo is just turning 2 months old. Of course, every night he cries out loud and wakes up everyone in the room. =D So once in awhile, I need to take my turn in carrying him to get him to sleep. On this photo. That night was one of those nights. =D

It's not usually me who wakes up to carry Paolo and feed him milk. (Bad Papa?) hehe.. It's usually the yaya who does that everynight. But for some reason our yaya is kind of a sleepy head also (Takaw Tulog) and its hard to wake her up. So eventually it's my wife Cathy who goes up and carry Paolo.

Last night My wife Cathy and my daughter Mika slept early. So I ended up with Paolo all night. He just finished drinking his milk. And the crying started. So I carried him and swayed and dance from left to right. He was then sound asleep on my arms.

Then I decided to put him down to his crib because he seems fast asleep. hehe. I was wrong. The moment I layed him down to his crib. He started crying again. hehe.. I tried to do this for atleast 5 times. I was unsuccessful. So he had to stay in my arms for the whole night.

I couldn't just go to sleep because he was in my arms. This lasted for the whole night. I was getting bored on doing nothing and just sit. Thinking what I could do to keep me awake. I took the Canon A620 and took a shot of us :)

After that, I tried for the last time to put him back in his crib. Atlas, he was sound asleep hehe. cool. So I went to my computer and started flickring, But after 5 minutes. There he goes again. But this time his yaya was there to take care of him hehe.

So I guess when I am bored. Photography is one of the choices to kill time hehe. Basically take a shot at anything at the house, the kids or even myself. :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A year in Photography

What is photography? Photography for me is all about what you see in your mind, the pictures you imagine inside your head. This imagination produces something very beautiful in the eyes of anyone when you are holding a equipment we call the camera.

This blog site is a place for me to be able to share and talk about all the things that I have been experiencing in photography.

I actually started photography when I was still backing high school. I was the School Journals official photographer during those days. I didn’t have my own camera during those days but I was able to borrow one from my classmate. He was kind enough to lend me the cam for the whole year.

After I graduated. A suddenly stopped taking photos simply because I don’t own a camera and I was all busy with my favorite sports volleyball. I was busy teaching the girls vball varsity at my school.

Eventually, one day decided to buy a digital camera for the reason of taking photos of my kid and family. And then from there the interest in photography slowly came back. At work I was lucky enough because my boss lets me use his Canon Pro90 IS Digital Camera. So full interest in photography started here.

Last year October 7, 2005, I bought my very first DSLR. The Canon EOS 350D. From that day on, it was click click click all the way. :)

I just noticed today. It’s my Canon’s 1st year Birthday. Wohoo. Btw. He’s still doing ok. I hope he stays that way. :D

Here I am in action on one of our photoshoot outdoor with friends. This is in Montalban Rizal.

@Montalban with a Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Thanks for reading. Please drop by again next time. :)

Btw. You can check out my photostream at this url